Back Alley Bookshelf

Back Alley Bookshelf

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Japan: monde, 2019. Approximately 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 x 2". Outer slipcase construced of white paper over cardboard with silver gilt writing on spine in fine condition; Bookshelf diorama created with wood on 3 sides, wood inserts to recreate the feel of an alley in Tokyo, mirror in back to give depth to diorama, small lights with batteries that can be replaced, signed and dated on the bottom, in fine condition.

Created by a Japanese designer who goes by the name of monde, his wood inserts add a magical element to any ordinary bookshelf. His work brings the feel of Tokyo's back alleys by using different materials to create the look and feel of the city. There are lights on this model which glow softly and draw one's attention. This model is sized to fit between paperback novels. Very lovely and creative.