Letters of Transit

Letters of Transit

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Berkeley, CA: Never Mind the Press, 2019. First Edition. One bag with eight pamphlets and 7 eggs. LIMITED EDITION of 10 copies, this being #8. Seven handset, letterpress printed, pamphlet-stitched books with book cloth, photos, a collagraph, and seven acrylic-painted wooden eggs, nesting in a linen satchel, hand-embroidered with silk thread. The eighth brown pamphlet titled "About" contains some of the creative process and the signed and numbered colophon, all in fine condition. Only 1 library holding.

A wonderfully creative artists' "book" that combines stitching, pamphlets and eggs. The painted eggs are the same size and color as a real egg of the species. The bird passport evokes a record of their life paths/migrations represented by original stamps on the passport, which also includes some information about the birds. The passports are also smaller or larger, depending on the size of the birds represented. The linen pouch design and shape, along with a collagraph design representing a nest, what the artists meant to be a nurturing and beautiful place of life and renewal. Birds represented include: Osprey, Black Oyster Catcher, Mallard, Green Heron, Whilte-tailed Kite, Anna's Hummingbird, American Coot.

Alisa Golden has been making books since 1983 under the imprint of Never Mind the Press. She also teaches bookmaking and has written books on the subject. She explores various materials in her work, particularly paper, sticks, glass, felt, and fabric. She makes print, paper and uses what form, materials, and techniques to expand and deepen the narrative. Dianne Ayres, proprietor of Arts & Crafts Period Textiles, creates a large variety of textiles with hand embroidery. Letters of Transit is a beautiful collaboration between two talented women.

Never Mind the Press
First Edition