Visions of Barsoom: 100 Years of John Carter (TM)

Visions of Barsoom: 100 Years of John Carter (TM)

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[Pasadena, CA]: Robert B. Zeuschner, 2012. 12 1/2 x 18". First edition. Outer orange envelope, slightly creased and marked, title and illustration in black, signed by artist Thomas Yeates, in very good + condition. Inside the envelope are 25 lithographed images printed on slick paper, some of them quite rare, celebrating Edgar Rice Burroughs' famed swordsman who traveled from Earth to Mars, sizes of image vary, 3 plates are signed by artist Thomas Yeates, stiff cardboard keeps plates in place, one page folded pamphlet describes the production and plates in detail, signed by the compiler, all in fine condition.

This portfolio was published for the Edgar Rice Burroughs convention in Woodland Hills, California. The compiler, Robert Zeuschner) has published a scholarly book on Burroughs and has been the assistant editor of the Burroughs Bulletin. Most of the original images are the property of Edgar Rice Burrous, Inc. The plates range from 1913 to 2011. The art on the envelope is by Thomas Yeates and appears on page 69 of the combined volume, "John Carter of Mars", Fall River Press, 2009. It depicts a scene found in chapter 10 of A Princess of Mars: "Springing upward, I struck him full in the face as he turned at my warning cry, and then as he drew his short-sword I drew mine and sprang up again upon his breast, hooking one leg over the butt of his pistol and grasping one of his huge tusks with my left hand while I delivered blow after blow upon his enormous chest." (from the pamphlet inside)

Robert B. Zeuschner
First Edition