The Gashlycrumb Tinies Limited Edition Portfolio

The Gashlycrumb Tinies Limited Edition Portfolio

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Yarmouth Port, MA: Edward Gorey House, 2013. Black four-flap case with label on front cover houses all items, in fine condition. 30 loose sheets with black frame, Edward Gorey's embossed signature on title and colophon cards, in fine condition.

In 2013, the golden anniversary of the publication of The Gashlybrumb Tinies arrived. This is Edward Gorey's most iconic (appalling) alphabet book and most likely his best known work. It has never been out of print. Gorey House issued, as separate plates, the 26 Tinies and the original cover image, each suitable for framing. Images are printed in their original size of 5 x 6" on 8 x 10" art paper. Enclosed with the plates is an attractive portfolio and an a celebratory title card and colophon card giving the details of this particular edition. Issued in a limited edition of 100 numbered sets and 26 lettered sets, this being "F/26". A bonus in the lettered sets is the plate of the rejected "F is for Fanny" because Edward chose to rework it for the final book, produced here separately for the first time. Lettered sets sold out quickly and are thus scarce to find on the market.

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